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Watch a free live stream support session with a mental health guide and get caring, confidential support.

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What to expect

Choose your distance - just watch or use reactions to contribute

No sign up, microphone or video access required

Feel connected and support others like you

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Supportive guidance right when you need it most

Join a Find A Helpline Live Stream for real-time support and an anonymous, global community getting through challenges, together.

It's pretty common for people who are struggling to feel unsure about talking to someone.

You might feel nervous about talking, not want others in your life to know you're reaching out, feel like you can cope by yourself, or be skeptical of mental health services. If you do decide to reach out, the helpline you contact might be closed or have a long wait time.

If any of this sounds like you, you might find it useful to join a Find A Helpline Live Stream. These are short, live video sessions where you can hear from experienced Mental Health Guides, while sharing your experiences and perspective with others through emojis, polls and likes.

Just like watching a live stream on YouTube or Twitch, you remain completely anonymous at all times. No one (not even us) will know who you are or that you're participating.

Live sessions take place regularly and are open to anyone. Join our next session for a completely private and risk-free way to get help now.

Frequently Asked Questions

During a session, a Mental Health Guide will talk to you about different ways to manage an emotional crisis or challenge. They'll share stories about people who have been through a tough emotional time, explain the science and psychology behind common mental health challenges, and walk you through practical strategies you can use to cope with a crisis.

If you choose to interact during the session you'll be asked questions about what you're going through and be able to react with emojis, polls, and likes. Even if you do interact, no one will see it is you and you'll remain anonymous the whole time.

Everyone gets something different from each session. For some people, it is seeing that lots of other people are dealing with difficult feelings and experiences too and they aren't alone - they're part of the community who joins the session. For other people, they find it helpful to hear what is causing them to feel distressed and for others, it's learning and practicing practical skills to feel less overwhelmed by an emotion or experience.

No. Not only do you not have to reveal your identity but there's not even an option to share your identity. This service is totally anonymous.

No. Like a YouTube or Twitch live stream, no one is able to see or hear other viewers. You can react with emojis, polls, and likes that others can see, but your reactions aren't linked to you.

No. Only the Mental Health Guide talks during the session. You can choose to interact or not to interact by selecting emojis, polls, and likes in response to questions the group will be asked during the session.

Absolutely. Feel free to join a session at any time without feeling like you need to participate. You're welcome to just watch.

The Mental Health Guides have lots of different backgrounds. Some are mental health professionals, others are people with lived experiences dealing with their own mental health. Everyone goes through a Find A Helpline training and is qualified before delivering a session.

No. It does not cost anything to join a livestream session.

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